Summer courses for 2016

AP/CH2030 6:0
Course Description: This 6-credit language course is being offered in a modified format, as one of the projects following York U/Fudan U exchange agreement. Students will attend classes both in Toronto and in Shanghai, and participate in field trips. While continuing to develop the four basic skills, listening, speaking, reading, and writing, students will explore historical cities and towns in China through cultural excursions. Fudan University will supplement with cultural lessons, including the art of Chinese painting, local theatres, etc.

AP/CH4000 SU 6:0
Course Description: This course serves as an introduction to Chinese classical language-- a bearer of Chinese traditional thoughts, philosophy, literature, arts, and culture in general. Selected readings are works by masters of ancient Chinese philosophy, and by historians, poets and essayists, which display a variety of styles of Classical Chinese. Students will be introduced to basic Classical Chinese grammar, syntax, and rhetoric expressions.