Contract Faculty

Name/Email Title Telephone Location
SHI, Xiao Ning
Contract Faculty 66300 S506
Ross Building
TSAU, Shu-ying
Contract Faculty 66287 S502
Ross Building

Xiaoning Shi
Born in Shenyang P.R.C., she holds a Ph.D in Chinese Language and Literature from Fudan University. She was Associate Professor of Chinese in Institute of Chinese Studies, Dalian University of Foreign Languages, and worked as a part-time instructor of Chinese Language and Culture at the School of International Cultural Communication, Fudan University. She has been an adjudicator for the Chinese National Putonghua (Mandarin) Level Test. She contributed writings from selected works from famous Chinese Classical Literature. She has been teaching Chinese language, literature and cinema at York University since 2008 as a contract faculty staff member.

Shu-ying Tsau
S.Y.Tsau received her B.A. from Peking University and her M.A. M. Phil. and Ph.D. from University of Toronto. Dr. Tsau has been enthusiastic participant in national and international symposia on modern and contemporary Chinese literature where she often delivered papers. As a contributor, her essays have been included in some major publications on modern and contemporary Chinese literature in China, Canada, United States, France, Germany, and the Netherlands. Dr. Tsau is a passionate teacher and an active writer, editor, annotator and recording maker for Chinese language training programs, which have been used in classrooms as well as at the computer lab-MLC.